Work/Home Balance

Setting Limits
Today’s prompt is from BlogHer Writing Lab.

What is one way you set limits for work invading home or home invading work?

I work in a library and luckily, the nature of my position is such that I don’t have to take work home with me. For the most part, when my shift ends, work itself ends until the next day. The only times I’ve deviated from this routine are when I’ve had the rare out-of-town meeting or a conference to attend that required travel.

I feel really fortunate in this because I know that many people in my library system don’t have that choice. Due to the nature of their jobs, they have to be on call pretty much every day. Also, I’ve seen cases where some of my coworkers have added their work email accounts onto their personal phones, which I don’t understand at all unless that person is a supervisor, manager, or one of those on-call positions I mentioned. I just don’t understand why someone who’s fairly low on the totem pole (like me!) would want to see work emails all the time, even when they’re not at work.

For me, the most intrusive way that work has invaded home is through my mind–i.e., stressing out over work-related issues. I don’t spend too much time being stressed about work these days because my job is going pretty well. But occasionally, a situation arises that does come home with me, at least mentally. Lately though, I find it easier to brush that negative stuff off. I’ve had other jobs in the past where I’ve needed to take work home with me a lot and it was not a happy situation. So I feel really lucky to be in a better place now.