The DNF List

The DNF List
This week’s additions to the Did Not Finish shelf are surprising, at least to me:

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach

I’ve heard so many good things about Mary Roach’s books, but this just didn’t hold my interest. I didn’t get very far before abandoning it. The worst thing about this was that the narrator put on a really bad Indian accent at one point and I found it rather offensive, frankly. I had the audiobook checked out from my library, so at least I didn’t purchase this one.

One With You by Sylvia Day

The final book in the Crossfire series. I couldn’t even finish it. This one was long overdue and so overhyped. I remember being sucked in to the first book in the series and really enjoying it, but with each subsequent book, my enjoyment has diminished. I feel like Gideon and Eva didn’t show much character growth. They fight, they have sex and make up, they fight some more…blah. I looked up spoilers about how the series ends and I’m so glad I didn’t bother finishing. There was some random WTFery thrown in at the end. Additionally, I had the audio version and didn’t like the narrators. The female narrator had a habit of trying to make her voice sound really, really deep whenever Gideon was speaking and it was comical to me.

The SEAL’s Secret Lover by Anne Calhoun

It pains me to admit that I didn’t finish this! I love Anne Calhoun so, so much, but I could not get into this story. The characters have a serious case of insta-lust, which I normally don’t mind at all, but it seemed especially unbelievable for some reason. I tried to forge on since it’s a novella, but I gave up. I have the follow-up book on my Kindle, so hopefully that one will be more engaging.


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