Book Review: Must Love Cowboys by Cheryl Brooks

Must Love Cowboys by Cheryl Brooks
Must Love Cowboys by Cheryl Brooks
Rating: 2stars
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I had a lot of trouble finishing this book. If I hadn’t read the previous books in the series, I probably would have abandoned this and not finished. But since I had read the others and liked them, I figured I’d stick with this one. I finished it, but didn’t love it at all.

Tina is an IT specialist who travels to the Circle Bar K ranch in Wyoming after her grandfather dies. She’s there to meet her grandfather’s good friend and deliver some personal items to him. Even though Tina works in IT, she’s a whiz in the kitchen and really derives joy from cooking. She’s super shy, introverted, and a virgin. She’s always had a thing for firefighters, not cowboys, but that changes when she meets Wyatt, who works on the ranch.

Coincidentally, Wyatt is not just a cowboy, but also a former firefighter. I’m not sure why this detail was included (other than to relate to Tina’s fantasies), because not very much is said about his firefighting days. Wyatt has a traumatic past and that drama just seemed really unnecessary to me.

At first, Tina hooks up with one of the other ranch hands–not Wyatt–but she doesn’t have sex with him. Then things change and she stops seeing the other guy and immediately hooks up with Wyatt and does have sex with him. Now, I don’t always mind when the plot moves along quickly, but this whole book takes place over the course of a week or so, if I’m remembering correctly. That’s just insane! Declarations of love and marriage proposals after a few days? Really?

Not to mention how quickly Tina’s sex life moves along. A week ago, she was a shy virgin, but once she meets Wyatt, it’s a sexual free-for-all, basically. I’m not buying it.

I’m bummed writing this review because I really liked the first book in the series, Cowboy Heaven. That one was SO raunchy and blatantly over-the-top. It was complete smutty fun. The other one, Cowboy Delight (book 0.5, a novella), was okay too even though I didn’t love it. Must Love Cowboys, though, is definitely missing that fun, crazy vibe of the first book. There’s a mystery subplot that was so random to me and I honestly didn’t care about the resolution.

I had been looking forward to reading this book, but I was disappointed by it and truly had trouble finishing. I recommend books 1 and 0.5 in the series, but unfortunately not this one.


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